Sunday, December 30, 2007


Hey all, I have been working today on my next submission to the competition for character of the week. This one is sort of special because it is the #100, and it is supposed to be the "queen" of the character section.
The theme was Medusa, and it's supposed to be our interpretation of the greek myth character as a queen. So, here is my work in progress. When I am done I will post it in the concept section of my website, so keep an eye out.


grumbleart said...

hey great start to this one caro!
thought i'd drop in and say good luck with LMS! i had to drop it since my studio with the painting has been locked up all vacation and such! :( but i hope you do well!
watch for the foreshortening on her left arm a bit, but cant wait to see this one done!!!

carotello said...

Thanks, Tim. I had no idea you even checked my blog! You little stalker!!! I will check that arm, honestly I hadn't even attempted to work that area, so far it's been all about the boobs :D

Ryan McCulloch said...

I can see you spent a lot of time on the boobies, she looks magnificent. I love the interpretation with wings, I've never seen her with wings before. Will you teach me to paint wings like that?

carotello said...

Thanks Ryan! I was going with one of the many descriptions of the Gorgons. In some instances they were depicted with wings, claws, fangs, scales, etc. In this case, I wanted her to be super scary sexy, so I enlarged the wings. I am still working on her and should be done today or tomorrow.