Friday, December 28, 2007

BLOG revamped

I finally got my butt in gear and revamped my sad little blog.
It was looking pretty bedraggled and pathetic, so I changed the template, cleaned things up, resized images, made myself a snazzy title bar, and added links to my friend's websites or blogs. My friends are cool people so check them out. HA!
I also changed the front page of my website; nothing significant, just me being obsessive; oh, and I had forgotten to mention that the Herald is done and it was posted under the personal section of concept art on my website.
Good news also, I will soon begin working as a full-time concept artist for NCSoft Norcal, their new studio that will continue working on the City of Heroes IP. I am so excited because it's a small team, they are all awesome people, and the project is exciting in its variety and possibilities. Happy New Year! Finally it seems things are back on track, and I couldn't be happier.
Things I am hoping to accomplish this upcoming year: getting rid of my debt, eating better, and I might have to start saving for a car. Sadly the green spell will more than likely end with my job being far away and the two hour commute by train seeming a daunting prospect. I still plan to get something small and economical, but I am sad to even have to think of getting a car, after almost four years of not having one. Oh well.

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Anonymous said...


I have been thinking about you. I am in love with the Herald. Wow! My kind of dude. Your website is awesome.

Other than the commute, the new job sounds like a dream come true. I am sure you will really enjoy it. Bravo!

Love to Ivan. Think about your visit often. How healing and happy!


PS I love my cards!